Friday, May 29, 2009

Off Day

I tried to run today.

As soon as I woke up I knew I'd probably not be able to run the 5-6 miles I had planned. Well, I had a creeping feeling but didn't believe it. I woke up late for starters. And while that's not a huge deal, the weather here in the South is starting to get blazing hot by 9 a.m. Its in the 80s but humid and just the hottest freaking 80-something degrees I've ever felt. So it's about 9:30 as soon as I opened my eyes.

I got around and got dressed and trying to get out the door, I realized my car was blocked. I had to wait a good hour to drive away. All the while the weather just heating up.

Then, an argument with someone. The discussion stayed with me afterward, a seek-your-own-adventure story in my head where I tried out various endings and responses to try and work it out. I realized after replaying senarious the entire drive to my run, my energy had been zapped by all of it - the argument and my inability to shake it. Thinking about my lack of energy I realized I really hadn't drank any coffee that morning or really ate much food (too late now). Oddly, I had to pee for not taking in much liquid!

Argh. The negativity mounting, I was determined that running would actually be the very thing to clear me of all this. I headed to the "new" 2.5 mile route and started out.

It was hot. Whew, the run started with a hill. Past a pretty, but wide creek that gurgled and foamed and all along the way a lush, darkened forestry. The trees didn't seem too dense and I could see forest floor so I decided to divert into it to see if it was runable. No matter how spacious the trees were, there was so much debris (fallen branches and young trees, rutted, uneven dirt, vines) that it just wasn't runable. I would take more time and energy clearing a way than actually pressing on. I hoped back out into the beating sunshine and kept working my way up the hill. At the top was a strange looking fenced area. Buildings in the middle, wire fencing around them with guard towers on each corner. I felt..... watched. The sign nearby just said Forward Operating Base.

This section probably had 2 long hills but I felt like I was constantly going upwards until maybe the last 1/4 mile. And it was an out-and-back!? Anyhow, it was pretty bad. The sun was just too much less than a mile in and I walked ALOT. On the way back my legs felt like jello, I felt faintish, and all I tried to do was look for the side of the street with the most shade - which was neither. Apaches roared overhead loudly, interrupting my nimble focus.

Getting back into my car my first thought was, with a drink could I continue? Quickly, my response was NO, this was a disaster. My second thought, was okay, well that was two HARD hills. Really! And thirdly, I thought I'd keep my options open all day and maybe tonight after the sun goes down, come out and finish the other section for another 3 miles. I'm writing this at 9p.m. and can tell you the energy and drive never came today.

I'm going to try to get some sleep and wake up tomorrow to try again. Earlier this time.

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