Monday, June 15, 2009

Fried Toes

I started my day off with a trip to the Doctor to get some plantar warts flash frozen. First, they use a knife and shred off as much as possible then move on to the cryo-thingy.
It hurt.
This is probably my 5th time going to get the treatment ...... and then going running.
I headed to the alligator trail but found another trail head to re-route past the low lake area, hitting only the flat trails above. I looped twice and even found some new short trails off the main loop. I ran for about 50 minutes to an hour so I would guess I tracked somewhere around 4 miles.
It was about 85 degrees and muggy so sweat poured down my body into my socks, stinging my new wounds. It was kind of a burning sensation actually. Then of course, I don't use gaiters so I get lots of sand and debris in my socks which added to the discomfort. Poor paws. Everything felt really good out there except my feet, and that was as expected.


  1. so proud of you for running despite your obstacles! GO AMY GO!!!

  2. I had told the Doctor that I was going running after this appointment and at first she just looked at me. Then she told me I must be a pretty tough girl, shaking her head. lol.