Saturday, July 18, 2009


I ran 14 miles on Friday night and I've been so bummed I haven't even wanted to write about it. I did finish. I had many successes including no nausea and really feeling good the entire run. In fact I kept getting hungry which I thought was a GREAT sign. I had some of a larabar and an all-natural fruit roll-up. Another success was being able to drink the entire 70oz in my hydration pack. I really did try to sip often the entire run and towards the end had a hard time sucking back water. I thought it was just the Nathan pack because I definitely didn't think I'd hit bottom. But I had!!! Completely emptied it.
I went back to the Golden Hawk 6 miler loop and ran it twice, then finished up with 2 miles around the Air Assult Track nearby on Post. The air was fairly cool the entire time and besides bugs hitting my chest like a car grill, it was turning out to be a fairly trouble-free run. ...Except at around mile 10 or 11 I started feeling a knee ache. I was worried this could be ITB but hoping still that it was anything else. The outside of my left knee twinged and hurt before growing into pain, searing with each step. I had to walk. I'd try to run but the pain would come immediately back radiating along my knee. This sucked. I walked for most of mile 12 trying to decide if I should just quit right there as I was nearing my car. Walking must have helped because as I kept going onto the Air Assult track for mile 13 it felt better. I finished 14 and although it still was sore, I wasn't exactly in pain anymore.
I grabbed a bag of ice and took a decent 20 minute ice bath while praying for a miracle cure. I popped some ibuprofen that night and the next day to help with inflammation. Since, I've taken Sat., Sun., and Monday off before walking my dog just now. It had been difficult to go down stairs for the first day or so but feels fine now. I'm so worried this is ITB and it's going to take me out completely like it did for my first marathon. As an overuse injury the only cure is stretching (supposedly) and strengthening the knee (supposedly) and laying off running (which I believe is the real cure here). Oh and more anti-inflammatory meds. So, that's what I've been doing. And I'm really anxious about it and praying for God to somehow heal me and let me continue to doing the one thing that I really enjoy. I'm not sure when I'm going to go out for a short run - - I'm really scared to feel that pain and know it's an over-use injury. I will probably head to the trail next so that I'm not doing the same movement over and over like I did running on the road.
Other than the knee issue I had no residual soreness. It's so sad because 14 would have been a fairly easy run for me and an easy recovery.

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