Saturday, April 10, 2010

Trail Run with a View

Saturday morning I met the trail hawks at Clinton Lake again. There was a pretty good sized group gathered with some new people (new to the group, not running). A couple were road racers and one of them was a triathlete.

We had some good talks about triathlon training, which I always think is something I want to do. Then I remember that I don't love the water. I can't even do a technical stroke. So at that point I always go back to hoping to get into duathlons. Until I remember that I don't own a bike anymore. Gaw.

The group went fairly slow because some people had a 25 mile run planned ahead of them and others were new to trail running. This was perfect for me as I only needed to do 12 and I was able to keep up. Finishing is always goal #1. Keeping up is goal #2. :)

The morning had started out a pretty cool 50ish degrees and almost half the folks were in long sleeves. I went sleeveless knowing that it'd warm up 20ish degrees while running in addition to whatever the sun would do for us. Nick had on some Moebens which I have been lamenting over online for quite awhile. I haven't bought any because I had no idea what size to get. I have freakishly long arms but they are skinny. Nick had size large and let me try on a sleeve. While the bicep area was almost too loose, it would totally work and was definitely the right length. So happy I got to test them - and it was exactly the right kind of day to wear them.

About mile 7 I started feeling some tiredness... energy wise. I had gotten very little sleep the night before and I'm not sure if that is why I was feeling it so much. I took a Chocolate #9 and never really felt like it did a whole lot. I don't know - the jury is still out for me on that product. If there was any way to put caffeine in that product with out using a corn derivative it'd probably be the most perfect product. This time I ate the product very slowly - maybe over a half mile or more. I didn't experience any nausea this time and I think that consuming it as slow as I can is key to this success.

I turned around at Land's End and took a mixture of blue and white trails back with one other gal. We ended up with only 11 which was fine by me. By the last couple of miles my legs were trashed. The trails are pretty tight and winding, with some hills and a good amount of mud. So the ole tree stumps took a lot of pounding. I was also out there for 2 hours and 45 minutes so if you look at "time on my feet" I was pretty happy with that...

One of the girls who had wrapped up earlier with 6 miles had gone to a cafe and brought back bagels. She opened the huge box for me but sadly, and hungrily, I said, "no thanks." My gluten free little body thanked me and I rewarded myself with at a coffee shop later with hot coffee and an allergy free Bumble Bar. :D

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