Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 5k

Before moving to Alabama, my Mom and I participated in the Mother's Day Run a couple years in a row. Now that I've moved back, we decided to continue the tradition. My mom has had foot issues, including surgery, so we took it nice and slow. I'm happy to do that anyway because the reason we do it is just to enjoy the experience and each other. I had also run my 16 miles the day before so it felt good just to walk and stretch out the legs.
There were signs all along the course with sayings that Moms say:

"You'll thank me when you're older."
"I don't care who started it."
"Wear clean panties in case you get in a wreck."

Hehe. We laughed because they were true and it was a nice touch to the race. Afterward there were long lines for the free food. It was ridiculous and so we skipped it. I couldn't have eaten anything but brown bananas anyway. Mostly, this race is an average road 5k but I love doing it because I get to be with my Mommie.

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  1. wear clean panties in case you are in a car wreck HAHAHAHAHA sounds like a fun race! So glad you were able to spend that wonderful and priceless time with your Mom!