Monday, August 31, 2009

New Trails

This week, we are finally moved and settled. I have moved from the deep South to Midwestern Suburbia.

5 years ago I trained for a marathon on the local county trail system which spans a lot of different cities. I live in a different part of the city now but was still able to pick up the part of the trail. The trail head is close to my house (but I have to drive to get there) which is nice since I'm not sure that my neighborhood is conducive to running.

Today I headed out to this new-to-me part of the trail system. It looks a lot like the other paved trails: paved, dense trees, well maintained, and weaves through city parks, soccer fields and baseball fields along the way.

It was Saturday so all the fields were being used and the trail felt really safe with so many people. The air was cool for summer - maybe in the 70s!
It isn't as exciting or interesting as my Alabama trails. It isn't as natural (unpaved) or unexpected (dirt bike paths). But, it's clean and wide and I still have a chance to run in nature.

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