Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 Southern Runs

This week I ran my last two runs in Alabama. I am moving back home to Kansas. It will be good to be near my family but sad to be leaving my southern home - very sad. I loved the weather, the forest trails, the base, and my friends here but that season is over. Change is upon me.
I like this picture of a plank "bridge" some Army maintenance unit put up over the dry ditch.. Seemed like a metaphor for this run where each footfall leaves behind Alabama and the next step brought me closer to new paths.

I ran twice for only about 2 miles each time. I had gotten some blood blisters on my feet (Doctor's office procedure) and couldn't do much more without irritating them. I have also been recovering from ITB which cropped up on my last 14 mile run.

One thing I love about the trail at Parcours Lake is that the bikers trek new, narrow paths all the time. It's an opportunity for a little exploration and a change of pace. Since I have my Garmin 405, I can go anywhere. My path, time, and distance is always tracked, allowing me the freedom to go down any new trail. Love it.

There is not much more to say - each run was lovely. My ITB never flared up. I'm cured for now. Check out the following post (below) for pictures of all the mushrooms sprouting on the forest floor.

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