Thursday, August 20, 2009

Springfield, Missouri

I'm currently staying at La Casa del Marcy. ...err... otherwise known as my friend, Marcy's, apartment. I am currently a transient, moving from Alabama to Kansas. My friend has graciously offered to let me stay with her before pressing on towards my new home. Besides opening her home, she has accommodated all my crazy food allergies with an eager willingness, helped me make TONS of delicious allergy-free foods AND to top it off, took me on a few runs this week.
Springfield, Mo has a short city trail called the Galloway Greenway which is part of the Ozark Greenway Trail System. It weaves around a macob pet cemetery, a (busy) Sequiota Park, very cute (busy) bars and stores, a (chilly) cave, waterfalls over quartz rocks at the Nature Center, and fruiting elderberry bushes (which we ate mid-run).
The first two runs were both 4 miles in length. It rained a little one run and as we turned around to come back through the old iron James River Bridge, it had flooded out where it had been perfectly dry before! We ended up having to veer off the trail cross the street on top the bridge. Then picked up the trail up again on the other side. -It surprised us how fast water can change course like that!
We are about to go out for another run tonight. How awesome is that? A true friend, a good cook, a wonderful host, and a running partner all in one little gal.


  1. she sounds like a fabulous gal....maybe you should just stay there and live off the fat of the land....just saying is all.

    Love ya dear!

  2. lol. sigh. Thnx 4 having me!