Friday, March 05, 2010

6mile.... walk around town

I walked my dog to the library, then to a coffee shop and back home tonight. Mostly the scenery was just old neighborhoods but about halfway there was a gurgling creek that made the most plesant sound! I notice these things because I'm just not a fan of being on the roads with cars and their exhaust. So a little bit of nature goes a long way. :)
I wore my Garmin 405 GPS watch to see how many miles we racked up. Last time it was about 4 miles and this time I think we were in the upper 5 miles to 6 mile range!
It was so nice out, for once, in the evening. Really felt like Spring/Summer and just made me happy. And I know little Anouk appreciated getting out too. She's been cooped up inside just like I have all winter!

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