Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sherman Airfield lap 4.5miler

Well, I'm finally feeling like I'm running again. I've printed out a year's calendar, found some races to shoot for and planned out a training schedule. It feels so good and a great motivator for getting me out there on a cold day like today.
The weather is trying to push into Spring although it's still usually cold, especially at night. And we are still getting ice storms here and there. Ugh. But now, each month that goes by means it gets warmer and I will be gaining more endurance!! I'm finally feeling some excitement. I'm going to try to think of my long term goals when I go out for these runs where all I was doing was questioning why I'm out there.
Today I headed out to Post to run my 4.5 mile loop. The dirt road is dodgy this time of year because wet=mud=bad ruts. It was dry today, though the ruts were so hard you could twist an ankle if you were abset minded enough!
From here on out I will be working on upping my mileage - can't wait to see what my body can do with my new eating guidines!

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  1. I need to coordinate schedules with you and figure out some races we can do together.